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Author Emilie Dupre by Emily Dupre | 13 October 2016

Foot Taping for Plantar Fasciitis

Learn how to tape your feet to prevent plantar fasciitis

When used along the correct shoes, taping your feet can significantly reduce plantar fasciitis pain.

Step 1

Starting in the arch, apply a strip of silk tape, extend it around the back of the heel, then back towards the base of the pinky toe.

Step 2

Overlap at (approximately) 50% the second strip in the same direction as the first piece.

Step 3

Apply with tension the 2" silk tape at the back of the heel along the bottom of the foot and end at the ball of the foot.

Step 4 & 5

Overlap horizontally across the bottom of the foot starting at the level of the heel bone and extending to the ball of the foot.

Step 6

Starting at the outside of the pinky toe joint, apply the tape around the back of the heel, and end at the inside of the big toe joint.

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