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First, good quality. Both pieces appear to well made and solid. Second, this vendor is exceptional on shipping and communication. I've purchased numerous items on the web and never, repeat never had the quality of communication that I've had from this seller.

Excellent brace. Great value, really good construction. Material keeps dry and breathes good. Very good fit. Manufacturer contacted me within hours of purchase to provide additional information on use. Brace works really well to keep pressure on elbow and temdons, without hurting.

I was looking for this product after being at a football game and my husband complaining of knee pain. I have read about them and wondered if they worked. Well once they were received and he put them on within minutes he was convinced that he felt much better. He slept in it and said that he was not in in as much pain in the mmorning he started wearing them so much that I had to make a rule that he could not wear them with shorts LOL he seems please with this product.

I love to cycle, mostly trails and some road riding, and wanted a little support for my knee that I had scoped that summer. So far, this knew support system seems to do the trick. I used to use some heavy hardware, before surgery, that was uncomfortable and at times painful. Now, I wear this this WIMI support system and get the support I need and the comfort I want.

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Treat your tennis elbow pain with this unique Elbow Brace & Compression Sleeve system!

The WIMI sleeve blends 88% copper-infused nylon with 12% supple spandex. So, along with supportive compression, you get copper’s reported benefits: enhanced blood flow & oxygen delivery. This can help:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Resists odors & fights bacteria
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Your backhand has never looked better. The comfortable WIMI elbow brace and compression sleeve features a blend of copper-infused nylon and supple spandex to offer:

  • Supportive compression
  • Increased blood flow + oxygen delivery
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Odor & bacteria resistance


We designed both the brace and the sleeve with cutting edge sports science materials. Its composition of 88% copper-infused nylon + spandex promotes faster healing, alleviates pain and gives your muscles support!

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