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Max Recovery Adjustable Wrist Support for Tendonitis & All Sorts of Wrist Ailments
for $12.99

  • Dual thumb stays and adjustable wrist strap for stability
  • Helps stabilize the lower thumb joints
  • Easy to put on and take off with hook and loop closures
  • Soft, breathable materials
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Effective pain relief for all sorts of wrist ailments 

Whether you suffer from tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, mommy wrist, mild pain or a weak wrist, our easy-on brace can ease your suffering.

  • Easy on for fast pain relief: When your wrist hurts, you want support immediately, and we give it to you with our Max Recovery Wrist Support for Tendonitis.
  • Support and compression combined: Some braces only give mobility protection, but our breathable neoprene wraparound design also compresses your wrists, to help speed healing.
  • Stay active while you heal: You can still play your favorite sports while wearing our wraps! Just strap it onto your wrist and play while the straps support you!
  • Work without pain: Typing all day can cause repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Take action to prevent the pain associated with working at the keyboard for too long, and make your workday easier!
  • Wear on either wrist: Our unique design gives you the ultimate protection for either joint - it’s ambidextrous, just like you!


  • 1 Size Fits All
  • Right or left hand brace
  • 65% neoprene, 35% nylon

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